Company History:

Civitella & Associates was founded by Pasquale (Pat) Civitella in Derby, Connecticut in 1986. Pat started as a real estate investor. As the business grew, we expanded to specialize and offer Stop Foreclosure and Loss Mitigation services, acquiring associates along the way.

Why Us?
We ALWAYS deliver what we promise. When working with people, it is very important that they can trust us to be at the meetings, have paperwork prepared when they are due, and to negotiate in their best interests.

We NEVER pressure clients. We explain what services are available to them and at what rates, depending on their situation. We offer options so that our prospects won’t be locked into one course of action. Most of our clients come back to us after looking around, saying, “We liked that you weren’t overzealous or pushy.”

We have a PROVEN track record. We have been in business much longer than most of our competitors, and we possess a greater depth of experience. This is of utmost importance when working for your financial future.