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Thanks for visiting our site. We strive to offer thorough reviews and information on Civitella & Associates. This site was created to help you easily get information about Civitella & Associates, read reviews and find the best service providers to do business with.

Our Agents

pat CivitellaPat is the broker and owner of Civitella & Associates Real Estate. Pat started his career as an real estate investor. Since 1986, he has always been interested and believed in investing in real estate. He did that right along with building his printing business- Civitella Print Source. In 2001, Pat sold his printing company and started working in real estate full-time. Pat has been a licensed agent since 2003 and a broker since 2005. He specializes in working with investors. He is also a short sale expert. Pat loves everything about the real estate business, especially in taking “nothing” and turning it into “something.” If you have any questions, please feel free to call Pat at (203) 736-CIVI.

Nadine CivitellaNadine is currently an Office Manager for Civitella and Associates.

Frank LazowskiFrank is a licensed real estate agent and has over five years of real estate experience from working with Century 21st. He has received both his Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of New Haven. Frank can be contacted anytime at (203) 859-2502, or by email at Lazowskire@aol.com. You can also visit his website at www.FrankLazowski.com.

Palma Calvert is currently an Office Manager Assistant for Civitella and Associates. She can be contacted by email at PalmaCalvert@yahoo.com


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