Case Histories


Case History 1
Recently, a client of ours fell behind because of unexpected medical expenses. He bought a less expensive home, but he couldn’t sell the first home. Paying both mortgages took its toll on his finances, but our client did not want the bank to foreclose on the first house and ruin his credit. So, Civitella & Associates negotiated with the bank and his creditors. We also purchased our client’s first home and relieved him from that mortgage payment. Needless to say, he was thrilled. Civitella & Associates came along and turned this disaster into a win-win situation.

Case History 2
A Connecticut homeowner suffered a house fire. With 50% of the house burnt, he needed to sell the house quickly. We negotiated a price that worked for his family and for us. Within two weeks, the client was able to move on with his life, problem-free.

Case History 3
Another client recently took out a mortgage against his house to help his church. However, he then lost his job and fell behind on both mortgage payments. Panicked at the first foreclosure letter, he called us for help. Within two weeks, we were able to purchase his home and allow him to maintain his good credit status.

Case History 4
A great couple from Loris, South Carolina, had come across some bad luck. They were living in their house for over seven years and loved the home, but they fell behind on their mortgage. They both wanted to stay in the home. Civitella & Associates was able to make a deal with all parties and satisfied the bank. The couple was able to stay in their home. Like many scenarios, everyone was happy with the outcome. A win-win for all!

All it takes is persistence and dedication from Civitella & Associates to make sure everyone is satisfied.

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