Winter Time preparations to avoid costly repairs

Hi winter time especially these last 2 weeks has been below freezing everyday watch out for frozen and broken pipes .

Here are some ideas to avoid costly repairs.  First make sure you do not have any open windows or drafts . Also check any pulling that is facing to any outside walls especially older homes that probably have no insulation. you can install some of that one inch foam pipe wrap of electrical heat tape on outside pipes.  We just had a frozen water meter blow what a mess that was . Make sure that your furnaces is cleaned and new air filters are installed for hot air systems and for oil heat make sure to have the furnace cleaned prior to winter . Just yesterday we had a tenant leave there apartment for a couple of days and they turned the heat down too low and she came back and could busted frozen pipe in shower . When it is this cold maintain heat at 60 degrees to avoid any big repair bills.

Another tip for this time of the year keep plenty of cat liter you can buy big 20-25lbs bags for $5.00 per bag and use to put on ice  to avoid falling it works great .  Also if you have gas heat the gas companies offer yearly contracts for under $250.00 a year that cover a lot of problems that can go wrong and you know that things always go wrong in the middle of the night and on a weekend so thane that in consideration its a cheap insurance policy for the winter.

Have a nice day

God Bless America

Pat Civitella

Civitella & Associates Real Estate

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