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If you are in foreclosure, whatever you do, DON’T DO THIS:

We were recently contacted by Brandon (his real name), a man who had lived in his home for 8 years and had fallen on hard times. Brandon was in foreclosure, and he was facing a sheriff’s sale in only 2 short weeks.

Brandon asked us, “Can you help me, please? I do not want to lose my home.”

After a brief review during our free consultation, we told Brandon we could help him. Brandon was relieved to know that he would be able to save his home and not have to move his wife, two children, and his widowed mother. We immediately sent him to get the information he needed. Three days later, we called Brandon to check on him. Brandon told us that the Loan Officer at his bank felt sure that he would be able to work out a deal to allow Brandon to catch up on his mortgage payments, thus getting him out of foreclosure without having to go through another financing source.However, his Loan Officer was hungry for a refinance loan from Brandon, which is almost impossible to do by most other sources once you are actually in foreclosure.

We cautioned Brandon that in his state there was no redemption period after the sheriff’s sale. Once that sale happens, Brandon would absolutely lose his home and ALL the equity in it after the sale. Brandon wasn’t worried. The Loan Officer had re-assured him that everything was OK and that there were just a few administrative details to clean up.

Ten days later, we got a frantic phone call from Brandon. The Sheriffs’ sale was only four hours away and Brandon had just found out that his Loan Officer could not help him. Brandon had tried to contact the Loan Officer for several days with no success. When he finally got in touch with the Loan Officer, he had to find out the bad news; Brandon was about to lose his home, his family would have to move, and he would suffer public humiliation from the Sheriff’s sale.

At that point, there was nothing more we could do either. If Brandon had taken action the first day or two after he talked to us, we could have saved his home. Sometimes we are even able to get the sheriff to postpone a sale while we work out financing, and some states have a redemption period following the sale.

In Brandon’s case, he was out of time and out of options. Brandon lost his home because he waited too long to take action.

Last year 846,982 people actually lost their home to foreclosure. Brandon just joined them. Don’t let that happen to you…find out what your real options are and when you MUST take action. Let Civitella & Associates advise you on how to keep your home and rebuild you credit.

There is no obligation to talk with us, and we may be able to help you save your home, eliminate your debt, get rid of those unwanted collection calls, and relieve the unbearable stress of not being able to pay you mortgage…in 10 days or less!

Don’t be the next sad story…don’t wait too long to take action. Call Civitella & Associates today for your FREE Confidential Evaluation at (203) 736-2484 or (203) 650-1389



Lease-To-Own Program


Sometimes deserving people are prevented from buying the homes they want because of a variety of conditions. Among these factors are credit problems, lack of down payment, self-employment, the need to sell first home before closing on new home, and single parent households. Civitella & Associates can purchase the home you choose and allow you to move in right away on a Lease Option program. This program is valuable for clients who have credit issues and for clients who want to “try before they buy.” Also, this flexible program is tailored to your needs and even includes a rental reimbursement credit towards your purchase. Now you have an excellent way to get into the home you’ve always wanted without having to wait. Please note that there are certain qualifications for these programs.

Books to Read
1. “Think and Grow Rich” By Napoleon Hill
2. “The Magic of Thinking Big” By David Schwartz
3. “The Millionaire Next Door” By Thomas Stanley & Will Danko
4. “Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Dreams” By Dexter Yager, Sr.

“Did you know that it took Abraham Lincoln over 30 years of trying to be the President of the United States before being elected?” Never give up on your dreams!

Colonel Sanders started KFC when he was 65 years old…. so it’s never too late!

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